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Newshyip.com [2019-09-18 16:19:31]

مثل همیشه ،عالی و آنی و اتومات

afshin_66_raad [2019-09-17 17:00:00]

very nice

yudathea94 [2019-09-14 20:05:26]


imamzafar841 [2019-09-12 04:32:53]

thank you fast respon

alfredodiestefano11 [2019-09-09 18:00:25]

Thanks, very good service, to fun

rejane [2019-09-08 21:56:08]


syarrf [2019-09-07 17:31:17]

Thanks :)

mohamedaleshmawy [2019-09-07 00:45:04]

very good services and very fast thanks

brasman [2019-09-02 18:11:09]

A troca foi rápida e as taxas do serviço estão dentro do mercado

kester_isaac001 [2019-09-01 15:49:38]

5 stars rating

Henrique [2019-09-01 13:19:51]

Ótimo Serviço de Troca,Parabéns!

leoriio [2019-08-31 06:08:45]

keep always the best... I trust you

minaateff1 [2019-08-30 16:41:33]

Thanks for fast exchange

wandu wally [2019-08-29 20:42:41]

salut merci por feedback

tanveerniazi [2019-08-29 19:50:19]

Trusted and fast

leoriio [2019-08-29 14:02:36]

very best exchanger

leoriio [2019-08-28 18:24:39]

best exchanger

leoriio [2019-08-27 11:17:59]

thanks for this exchange, keep succes always

am1371ir [2019-08-27 09:40:21]

Thanks very good

leoriio [2019-08-25 16:49:38]

always fast.. thanks for this exchanger.. keep succes

kester_isaac001 [2019-08-25 15:26:32]


leoriio [2019-08-23 17:26:50]

keep to be the best exchanger

ngoclinhadidaphat [2019-08-19 03:29:45]

good! very fast

mahiuddin3248 [2019-08-18 13:03:47]

very great en f change.biz

kester_isaac001 [2019-08-14 19:54:58]

Wonderful, thanks and always appreciating the services

Benjamin [2019-08-10 05:45:14]

Fast...but your system sent bitcoin with very little fees, you save 30 cents...but people will be wait 12-24 hours for confirming...

curent11 [2019-08-05 20:59:12]

great...the best site..

mehdi [2019-07-28 10:11:21]

very good

hridoy321308 [2019-07-23 21:34:42]

wow. its so fast they take only 50 sec. i loved this service.

riquezabit [2019-07-22 21:51:56]

very good service!

vctaopeza [2019-07-22 01:09:05]

thanks again

yudathea94 [2019-07-12 21:05:28]

thanks..4 fast respond

adrian_katong7 [2019-06-19 01:01:48]

I always using f-change service I'm on level 4 they give me some discount. fast and reliable service and I will not hesitate to use this service in a feature

hartriads [2019-06-14 12:05:24]

terima kasih lagi untuk layanannya, lebih dari senang.

vctaopeza [2019-06-12 18:04:58]

every time i use this service i live a feedback. thanks again.

vctaopeza [2019-06-10 07:26:00]

thanks again for the service, more than happy.

kester_isaac001 [2019-06-08 01:22:47]

This is my second transaction since I registered on this site, transaction was swift and clean...Thank you, appreciate.

vctaopeza [2019-06-02 17:53:37]

agradecido por el servicio prestado, me hago socio permanente

kester_isaac001 [2019-06-01 04:46:29]

Transaction was swift, clean and neat...Thank you for this services and I will continue to patronize.

takbleat [2019-05-27 08:59:08]

Все очень быстро и легко .Спасибо . Рекомендую всем .

sms1520 [2019-05-24 22:34:49]

Gracias por su buen servicio

Anton [2019-05-24 15:53:32]

Моментально, удобно, консультанты лучшие!

hamid_ha2es [2019-05-15 19:38:11]

thanks for change

kamiron [2019-05-10 03:01:12]

Gr8 service love to come again and again

mplastvrn [2019-05-07 14:33:57]

Сначала не понял что делать, но консультант объяснил. Всё получилось быстро! Спасибо!

boris41 [2019-05-06 19:28:10]

Спасибо,все очень быстро!

sergiorim [2019-05-01 23:34:45]


v_s_rozhkov [2019-05-01 16:21:42]

Thank you. Everything ok!

aboualvin [2019-04-29 00:54:21]

best of the best change thank you

elgabo_1511 [2019-04-27 19:08:59]

very good

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again instant great service



2020-09-14Samuel Lipoff

Min exchange 250 Doge, it's so cool !


nice web site good luck


A great exchanger


pm to dogecoin great instant received

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