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Partnership program

F-change invites owners and administrators of web-sites to join our partnership program. You will need to:

  • Register as a user on the web-site f-change.biz
  • Choose a banner you like.
  • Place the chosen banner in your blog or your web-site.
  • Invite your friends to follow personal partnership link available in client’s backoffice.


After placing banner or sharing a partnership link with your friend, each client taken to the web-site f-change.biz by clicking the banner and performing transactions through our service is considered to be a client invited by you as a partner of the service. A partner receives profit in percentage from the amount of the profit of the service from each transaction performed by attracted client on web-site f-change.biz. The interest amount which a partner receives depends on the partner’s level. The higher the level is the bigger share a partner receives. The amount of discount for personal exchanges is also calculated depending on the level of a partner. Partner’s level is defined by total amount of transactions (performed personally or by invited clients). The formula is the following:

Total amount=Personal amount+(client’s amount) / 3

Levels of Partnership program

Partner’s level Total volume of transactions USD Personal discount

(in % from Service’s profit)
Profit from customers’ exchange
(in % from Service’s profit)
1 10 5 5
2 100 16 16
3 1000 25 25
4 10000 33 33
5 100000 50 50


If a client invited by a partner performs a transaction through Service, without any registration, he is considered to be an invited anyway unless a technical possibility can trace the connection of a certain client with a partner (it is defined through a cookie file, saved from the client’s side at the moment of being take to Service’s web-site from Partner’s web-site).


Our partnership program attracts with the fact that the growth of the number of invited by you clients influences on your profit not only in terms of quantity but also on a percentage basis to the amount of transactions performed by invited clients.


We are glad to cooperate with different internet resources. The advertisement of giving bonuses is not forbidden, although we would like to draw our attention to the fact that receiving profit by partners is possible for performing transactions through our service, but not for only following the link of the service. Sending e-mails (known as SPAM) with the aim to advertise our service is absolutely forbidden. In case of receiving complaints from the owners of e-mail boxes about such mailing, the accounts of partners will be deleted without saving earned funds.


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